If you’ve used our heating and plumbing services before, then you’ve already managed to save a tidy sum. 

Our mission is to help home owners save as much money as possible.

Try these money saving tips, and save even more.



In 2018 there was over £350m in unclaimed tube fares. Find out if you’ve got an unfinished journey and get your money back.

Just register your card with TFL here and it will flag the incomplete journeys… it’s as easy as that.



If you’re a 40% tax payer and you’ve made a charitable donation or sponsorship, you’re entitled to tax relief from HMRC.

Just search your email for keywords (Virgin, Just Giving, a charity by name) and enter the amounts into the green areas of the letter below. Stick it in the post and you’ll get the charitable donations put against your tax code and the tax-free income sent to you as a cheque. 



If you’re with any of the ‘big 6’ energy providers such as: E.On, British Gas, Scottish Power, N-Power or EDF; with 6% bill increases and customer service that puts anything but the customer first, then it’s time for a change. A money saving change.

Octopus Energy is not only renewable green energy and Which?’s only recommended supplier but it’s also much cheaper – almost half the cost of bills with the big (money making) dogs of the energy world. It just takes a couple of minutes to get a quote and switch, so absolutely hassle free.

They’re who we use in our homes, and if you switch with the link below, Octopus will give us both £50. Bosh!

Octopus Energy post.gif